Our values

Our values

Currie & Brown has a firm set of organisational values that encompass everything we do. Our values were established through an organisation-wide staff consultation and a series of values workshops, which involved members of staff at all levels.

Currie & Brown is justifiably proud of this bottom-up approach, an approach that has ensured our values reflect both our business and our staff.

We positively promote these values in our activities and places of work. We also believe that by using the values statements as a road map, Currie & Brown will be able to create and sustain a competitive advantage and strengthen itself day by day, therefore meeting and exceeding the current and future demands placed upon us.



We treat clients the way we would want to be treated.

  • Do what is right for the client
  • Build enduring relationships
  • Always make it easy to do business with us
  • Communicate effectively and regularly


We care for our people through a challenging and supportive working environment.

  • Encourage entrepreneurship and think creatively
  • Respect the opinions of others
  • Promote open and constructive feedback
  • Manage performance firmly and fairly
  • Recognise and reward achievement


We strive for excellence.

  • Exceed the expectations of clients and colleagues
  • Conduct all business with integrity and professionalism
  • Think ‘Team’
  • Encourage learning and self-development
  • Embrace change willingly


We care about the effect we have on the environment.

  • Minimise the environmental impact of our business
  • Ensure working environments are healthy and safe
  • Cut out extravagance and waste
  • Minimise our carbon footprint

Looking after your data

Thank you for your enquiry. We believe strongly in protecting your privacy. If you are sending us a CV please send it to us via our recruitment pages which can be found here. Our privacy policy explains what information we gather about you, what we use that information for, and who we give that information to. It also sets out our rights in relation to your information and who you can contact for further information or queries. Our full privacy policy can be found here