Archana Khanna People Director, Americas

Archana Khanna

I was attracted to a career in human resources as I enjoy meeting people with different personalities and collaborating with each of them in a different way. I like the aspects of psychology and emotional intelligence that I use to do my job, adapting to different people and styles to develop good working relationships. It is rewarding to be able to help people grow. For me there is a feeling of utmost satisfaction when you see an employee developing and thriving in their position.

There are many parts of my role at Currie & Brown, which I joined in March 2010, that I find enjoyable. Early career professional development is both engaging and fun. In the USA Currie & Brown offers a number of training programmes, encouraging mentoring and training by senior leadership to give new professionals exposure to different aspects of the business.

I feel that organisational development is one of my strengths; working with business operations as a business partner, I believe I make a direct impact on the business. Continuous growth and improvement is really important to me, and my role allows me opportunities to try new projects and continuously improve.

Currie & Brown has a culture of employee empowerment and offers opportunities for advancement. Employees take ownership of their own performance and the company provides a nurturing and dynamic environment for them to thrive within. It provides training for staff at all levels and opportunities for standardised certification.

Employees are considered the company’s biggest asset, and this is embedded in the entire employee life cycle. Overall, there is a culture of fun, collaboration and a sense of belonging. The leadership team is approachable and there is openness between them and other team members.

I enjoy working with colleagues who show professional integrity while being results driven.  We are proud of our customer focus and continually strive for excellence.

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