Farhan Tanvir Assistant Cost Consultant, UK

Farhan Tanvir

I graduated with a law degree from the University of Warwick in 2017. Although I had no previous experience in the construction industry, I had always been interested in large construction projects, in particular the financial cost of construction as well as the science behind building.

I chose Currie & Brown because of its international reach, industry reputation and the variety of construction specialisms within the company. Another factor was the market-leading APC programme which aims to produce the best surveyors within the industry.

Working at Currie & Brown has given me a robust understanding about the processes throughout the lifecycle of a project, I have gained a great deal of insight from the industry experts I work alongside who are always willing to share their knowledge and experience.

As a member of the infrastructure team I often support the development of national mega-projects. This is exciting as it involves working on projects that may be publicly sensitive. These projects often have strict timescales therefore I have learnt how to quickly adapt to changing client requirements by using technology to my advantage, producing deliverables to a high standard.

I have just finished my conversion course and am working hard to pass my APC to become chartered. Following this I hope to lead some of my own mega-projects and introduce innovative technological solutions to issues faced by our clients.

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