James Fotheringham Trainee, UK

James Fotheringham

In 2016 I completed a week of work experience on site at the O2, Greenwich. Throughout my time there, I became interested in the construction industry and the successes and challenges industrial teams often face, and I felt a role within the industry was right for me.

Whilst searching for an apprenticeship in the construction industry, I came across Currie & Brown, and noted how I supported their values, such as striving for excellence and caring for our community and the environment. Working for a company that shared the same values has allowed me to enjoy my day-to-day work whilst gaining the best possible knowledge in order to progress in my career.

By working in a large infrastructure team, I have met a range of different people, all with unique qualities. I’ve seen how people deal with project challenges in their own way. Learning from such a varied pool of people, I am able to adapt my methods of working to be as much use to the team as possible.

Deadlines are often met within a small timeframe, especially on larger projects. I’ve had to adapt quickly to complete tasks to the highest possible standard. I really enjoy working within a team that wants to achieve the same goals and building relationships with the whole infrastructure team. Collaboration is very important and all members of the team are valued.

I hope to continue gaining exposure to as many possible situations to progress my learning and gain a better understanding of the industry. With this knowledge, I hope I can provide an ongoing valuable service to the business in the future.

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