Khay Han Yeoh Assistant Project Manager, Australia

Khay Han Yeoh

I have always loved the process of bringing projects into existence, starting at a young age with small challenges like cooking a meal from start to finish or building a circuit board. The process of turning an idea into a tangible, physical product greatly appealed to me.

From an early age, I showed a great interest in the built environment which led me to take the logical step of studying a degree in property and construction at university.

Initially I worked for a head contractor, learning about the technical side of the construction process such as how a construction project is sequenced and how sites are managed and co-ordinated. I received great exposure to the healthcare, residential, education and aviation sectors throughout this time. Later I moved on to a client-side role with a major health organisation, where I gained a greater understanding of the conceptual and planning phases of the process; delving deeper into project planning and budgeting. Now, in a consultancy role, I am able to combine these skills from both perspectives in order to manage the project as a whole entity.

As an assistant project manager in Currie & Brown’s Melbourne office, I am able to work with a truly diverse group of people and personalities in bringing a project to fruition, drawing on each other’s knowledge and expertise to accomplish our goals. Each project is unique, with its own features and challenges, and it is immensely satisfying to discuss and discover solutions for the client as part of a dynamic team. It’s a mentally stimulating role, allowing me to learn something new every day.

Currie & Brown’s global reach brings diversity to a very specialised field of work. The company works on a wide variety of projects across all industry sectors, offering fantastic opportunities for development and growth to its employees across the world.

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