Lewis Fong Assistant Cost Consultant, UK

Lewis Fong

I began looking for apprenticeships while I was at sixth form during my first year of A-Levels. I decided that full time education was not the right route for me. Having some family and friends in the construction industry I decided to take a look at quantity surveying. Currie & Brown stood out to me because of its global presence and variety of jobs.

I started my apprenticeship with Currie & Brown in August 2016, starting off my first year in the retail team in London gave me lots of different experience and helped me develop my understanding of construction. Working full time was challenging at first, but I managed to get used to it fairly quickly.

For the last two years I have been in the infrastructure team, which is now my permanent team at Currie & Brown, where I have gained a lot of experience working on various sites and client offices. This is what I enjoy most about quantity surveying - there is a lot of variety and chances to get out of the office.

I am currently studying for my quantity surveying degree. Hopefully I will pass this and start my journey to become chartered. Once I have done that, I hope to travel the world with my career.

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