Satyakumar Shetty Chief Operating Officer, India

Satyakumar Shetty

In 1999 I joined Currie & Brown as a senior quantity surveyor. Over the years with Currie & Brown I have been involved in almost all our industry sectors and have had the privilege of seeing many projects coming to fruition and being put to use by their communities.

I enjoyed helping to build up the hospitality and leisure side of our business to become one of the India business’ most successful sectors. We have as strong a reputation for delivering luxury five-star resorts as we have for delivering budget hotels. In the residential sector I have worked on high-rise towers with luxury apartments as well as villas and residential developments at the other end of the spectrum.

Offices, shopping malls and mixed-use developments also feature heavily in my experience portfolio, and in recent years I’ve been able to add pharmaceuticals and high-tech industries which value the contribution that cost managers and project managers can bring to the delivery of their projects.

As I progressed through the company through a series of promotions, my focus shifted from pure project delivery to account management and the management of Currie & Brown’s India business.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is understanding my clients, anticipating their challenges and making sure that their expectations are exceeded. The Currie & Brown teams throughout India share our corporate values and are constantly striving for excellence in all we do.

When I was appointed to be the chief operating officer of Currie & Brown’s India operation in 2010, I joined the operational executive, which is the board with responsibility for assisting the group chief executive to define strategy, ensure the successful implementation of approved projects/proposals and review the operations of the group.

Currie & Brown is a transparent organisation which values staff at all levels.

Currie & Brown has allowed me to fulfil my ambition of working as a decision-maker for a multinational company.

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