Xiaoye Ye Associate, France

Xiaoye Ye

I became aware of Currie & Brown while on an internship in a nuclear energy company. One of my colleagues on a large-scale international arbitration case had previously worked for the company and introduced me to Damien Bouveresse.

On a day-to-day basis my workload is quite varied in terms of the different projects, clients and people I work with. To ensure I am successful in my role I need to use a combination of both hard and soft skills.

I participate in meetings with prospective clients. During the initial meetings it is important to listen and allow the clients to explain their problems.

If I am working full-time at a client’s office, once I have assessed the client’s needs I will guide their team in their day-to-day contractual activities. My role is not to simply protect the client’s interests in their contractual relationship but also to help mentor their team to improve their contractual understanding.

When I am leading a team and working on specific time-sensitive project, I supervise the work and monitor progress, deciding how to deal with any difficulties the team encounters and ensuring good lines of communication are maintained with our client. Often clients have a problem but are unable to identify the root cause, so part of my role is to be both a detective and a problem solver. Successfully guiding and helping clients solve their problems is very satisfying and rewarding.

The best part of my role is the sheer variety of it - in my job I am a problem solver with the opportunity to work in different industries, on different projects, with different people and all the time I am developing my professional experience.

To keep up to date with current thinking I follow different professional groups across a range of industries. It helps me to be aware of the latest news and developments. As a consultant it is important to attend events and conferences to meet potential clients or partners.

The team at Currie & Brown comprises a wide range of experienced and highly skilled professionals who are available to provide clients with support to deliver successful projects. In addition, the management team are always available to discuss issues faced by the team, which promotes a very good team ethos.

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