Data protection

I understand that:

  • Currie & Brown Holdings Limited together with its various subsidiary and associated companies throughout the world ("Currie & Brown") owns and operates a number of websites ("the Websites") to provide various services to Users.
  • Any information I provide to Currie & Brown, during my use of the Websites, will be used by Currie & Brown to provide me with a high quality of service and by Currie & Brown and any other carefully chosen companies to identify and inform me about any products and services which Currie & Brown and/or any carefully chosen companies feel may be of interest to me.
  • At times Currie & Brown may transfer my personal information across the Currie & Brown business and outside the Country of my residence. Provided that any Country to which my personal information is transferred has adequate legal protection for the security of personal data, I authorise Currie & Brown to transfer my personal information in this manner.
  • Where my personal information is captured outside the Country of my residence Currie & Brown will use reasonable endeavours to use my personal information for fair and lawful purposes.

I authorise Currie & Brown to release my name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and any other information which Currie & Brown feels in its entire discretion, may be relevant, if so required by law.

I acknowledge that when any carefully chosen companies identify and inform me about any products and/or services such communications shall be subject to their own data processing and privacy policies and Currie & Brown shall not be responsible for any misuse by such companies of any information provided by me.