Middle East

With more than 35 years’ operational experience in the Middle East, Currie & Brown is recognised for exceptional service quality, long-standing client relationships and the expert technical knowledge and experience of its employees.

Strategic network

From our offices strategically located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat and Riyadh, we represent clients on major capital investment projects across a wide range of sectors.

Currie & Brown is an expert in international construction matters. Our three core service streams are cost management, project management and other consulting services addressing specific areas such as contract advisory, due diligence and public-private partnerships.

Best practice

Our extensive resources and first-hand experience of working within the complex and challenging parameters of the Middle East construction industry enable us to respond positively to the industry’s ever-changing priorities and pressures.

Over the years we have developed a suite of tried and tested ‘best practice’ policies and procedures that reflect the local market conditions in which we operate. Regardless of project size, we are confident in our ability to develop portfolio solutions that deliver quality and sustainability, thereby maximising value and efficiency for our clients.

In the region, we are a corporate member of the Association for Project Management (APM).


Simon Andrews

Chief Operating Officer, Middle East
[email protected]

Doug McGillivray

Managing Director, Southern Gulf
[email protected]

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