ITER cryostat workshop works set to be completed ahead of schedule

Currie & Brown has indicated to ITER India that works on the ITER cryostat project will very likely be completed ahead of the scheduled August 2014 handover date. Currie & Brown has provided expertise in project and contract management.

ITER (international thermonuclear experimental reactor) is an internationally co-financed research programme aiming to show the technical and financial feasibility of thermonuclear fusion, with its base at Cadarache in the south of France. Currie & Brown is advising ITER India contractor Larsen & Toubro, based in Mumbai, on the construction of the cryostat temporary workshop – a multi-million pound project. The massive cryostat vessel, used to cool the thermonuclear reactor, is being manufactured in four sections by Larsen & Toubro in India and assembled inside the custom-built workshop on the ITER site in France prior to its final installation in the reactor pit.

The workshop, at 110m long, 44m wide and 26m high, will house the assembly of the ITER cryostat for seven years. Its conception and construction have been subject to the latest European earthquake resistance measures and constraints and built to accommodate the 70 people who will assemble the vessel using a range of technical facilities, including a large overhead crane with a capacity of 200 tons.

Currie & Brown has been technically and contractually managing the build of the cryostat workshop since 2012, combining its Indian and French operations to provide Larsen & Toubro with full-time assistance and expertise in both markets. This valuable local knowledge has delivered a seamless service both on budget and well on time to enable the assembly and installation to begin as planned in 2015.

The latest information about the project can be found on ITER’s website - click here for details.

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