Currie & Brown partners with Hong Kong’s Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)’s Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office (IFFO) has welcomed Currie & Brown as a strategic partner.

As part of the HKMA, IFFO’s mission is to facilitate infrastructure investments and their financing by working with a cluster of key stakeholders. IFFO's functions include building capacity and knowledge on infrastructure investments and financing, as well as providing a platform for information exchange and knowledge sharing.

Currie & Brown has joined a number of prestigious partner firms from around the world, including members of the ‘Big 4’, leading regional banks and international law firms.

Kim Berry, chief operating officer for Currie & Brown’s Asia-Pacific region, commented: "Following this move, we look forward to assisting the IFFO in its mission by offering high-quality infrastructure advisory services on regional projects, including those forming part of the Belt and Road Initiative."