Tropical House project at Marwell Zoo reaches completion

The Tropical House project at Marwell Zoo, for which Currie & Brown provided cost management, value engineering, risk management and programme management services, is now open to the public, with final account agreed.

The new Tropical House comprises approximately 1,000m2 of exhibition and back-of-house and interpretation space. It encourages interest and understanding of the flow of energy through life by demonstrating how energy is generated for modern lifestyles, its consequences and alternatives.

The building has been designed with a specialist fluorine-based plastic (ETFE), semi-transparent roof covering a steel structure which balances the need of flora and fauna by limiting heat gain.

Nestled into the landscape, which makes it less visible from outside the wildlife park, Tropical House has successfully created a visitor attraction that delivers guaranteed close proximity for animal viewing, while enhancing and setting new standards of husbandry.

Paul Hodder, senior cost consultant at Currie & Brown, explained: “From the outset we recognised that the skill set required to build the shell and core would be different to that required for areas of ‘fitting-out’, so we rapidly developed a two-contract strategy which fitted comfortably with Marwell Wildlife requirements. This was an exciting project to work on, and it is great to see people enjoying Tropical House.”