"The built environment has the power to change people’s lives" - Scott Wilkinson looks ahead to Earth Day

Scott Wilkinson is the newly appointed Zero Emission Infrastructure Sub-Sector lead at Currie & Brown.

This puts him at the forefront of driving sustainable advancements in sectors such as electric vehicle infrastructure, bio hydrogen, carbon capture, and innovative energy storage systems. Scott’s role is pivotal in guiding clients from concept through to the realization of projects that champion a zero-carbon future.

Scott would like to use Earth Day as a reminder of the urgent need to shift from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy solutions. Our commitment is demonstrated by our proactive approach to embedding innovation and sustainability in every project, striving to meet ambitious environmental goals of 2030 and 2050 set out in the Paris Agreement.

Globally, the challenges of climate change and severe weather demand a collective shift towards greener practices. Our focus, along with Scott’s expertise, ensure that sustainable practices are integrated from the design phase and that projects not only meet but exceed environmental expectations. 

Scott believes, "The built environment has the power to change people’s lives and striving for sustainable solutions will only benefit the design solutions that are being developed right now. There are many challenges still to be addressed in achieving a truly net zero world, but we are moving in the right direction, and I for one am very humbled to be doing my part in finding solutions."

As an RICS Americas Region Board Member, Scott is educating the industry on sustainability issues. RICS have just issued their Whole Life Carbon Assessment Standard 2nd Edition worldwide. The adoption of Whole Life Carbon Assessments on projects will highlight the importance of using sustainable materials and good design to reduce the amount of carbon being used on projects. Scott and RICS are committed to reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable construction practices.

Scott's leadership shows how dedicated expertise and innovative practices can significantly influence the journey towards a sustainable future.

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