Australia’s Department of Defence appoints Currie & Brown to three infrastructure panels

As a trusted advisor to Australia’s Department of Defence since 2001, Currie & Brown is pleased to announce its recent appointment to three defence infrastructure panels: Estate Strategic Planning Services, Initial Business Case Development and Property Acquisition & Disposal Services.

The panel engagements are for the provision of national services for up to seven years.

Currie & Brown director Gary Pendlebury, who has had extensive and continuous involvement with Department of Defence projects since 2001, will assume the role of defence panel manager.

"Working with the Department of Defence over many years has provided us with total appreciation of the challenging environment in which the department operates, involving sensitivity to local community issues, changing political landscapes and diverse stakeholder engagement. In addition, we’ve gained an in-depth knowledge of relevant statutory obligations," Gary stated.

Currie & Brown is highly respected for its expertise in project management and quantity surveying. The company also provides a range of property and development services including due diligence and property market research, planning and development approvals, procurement and contract administration, strategic guidance and options analysis.

"With the depth and breadth of our experience across the corporate, commercial and government sectors, together with access to the expertise of our worldwide network, we're well placed to meet the requirements associated with a wide range of Department of Defence assignments, regardless of their size or complexity," Gary added.

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