Currie & Brown Australia appoints Louise Greenhalgh as director

Currie & Brown Australia has appointed Louise Greenhalgh as a director in the Sydney office.

Louise has joined the Sydney team from Currie & Brown’s London office, where she was heavily involved in major health, education and rail infrastructure projects. She has a broad range of skills and experience in the areas of risk management, value management and post-assessments of project performance.

Commenting on the appointment David Hughes, director of Currie & Brown in New South Wales, said: “We welcome Louise as a new director to the Sydney business. Her expertise will be invaluable to a number of public and private sector clients. With Louise adding to the skills base of our Sydney office, we continue to benefit from being a part of the global Currie & Brown team.”

Louise Greenhalgh added: “I am excited to have the opportunity to grow the advisory services side of the business in Sydney. There is a great team here and a lot of potential to broaden the service offer to both existing and new clients across Australia. I hope to bring to bear my experience across a variety of sectors to add value to our projects.”


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