Currie & Brown publishes first US cost report

Currie & Brown’s US location intelligence team tracks cost indices for more than a hundred cities throughout the United States, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe. They collect, analyse and compare project cost data and also collect local labour rates, labour productivity, local material procurement costs, equipment costs, escalation rates and typical construction mark-up percentages. This data is then used to build crew rates with a defined basket of goods.

The business has published its first construction activity and market outlook report for the Pacific Northwest. The report highlights growth trends, material inflationary pressure and skilled labour challenges, with a special focus on Portland and Seattle.

This report suggests that rising interest rates, skilled labour shortages and inflationary pressure from increasing material costs are pressing factors causing uncertainty in today’s market. The reports on Seattle and Portland examine the increasing job market in the cities and the impact this is having on office space and construction activity.

Commenting on the new report, Paul Wood, president and chief operating officer of Currie & Brown’s US business, said: “These reports will help our clients to evaluate their capital expenditure on projects and make informed decisions based on current accurate data.”

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