Currie & Brown supporting Network Rail

Currie & Brown has been contracted to provide cost capture, benchmarking and analysis services to Network Rail through to the end of July 2023.

Currie & Brown has provided technical experts to the chief financial officer’s centre of excellence for the last 12 months, enhancing the development of Network Rail’s estimating intelligence with composite cost modelling. Currie & Brown developed the cost of confidence concept with Network Rail, from inception through to a working procedure, and finally training and coaching staff on the process within Network Rail.

Building upon this work, Currie & Brown will provide further high-level benchmarking services, collating costings in preparation for use by sponsors and project development teams, allowing them to compare costs with early GRIP stage costings prior to projects being issued to the cost planning teams.

Currie & Brown will also provide cost benchmarks on GRIP stage percentages, analyse and report on data issued for stations, providing benchmark data, carry out independent peer reviews of estimates to meet requirements from the business, provide rates to support train lengthening programmes, and undertake a high-level review in support of business cases on an ad-hoc basis. The appointment will also require updates to the RMM2 and RMM2 compendium and other cost assurance activities, as and when required.

Mark Swan, director in Currie & Brown’s London office, remarked: “We are delighted to be able to continue to provide these services to Network Rail. Currie & Brown has completed several jobs with Network Rail now, and we have a good understanding of the way the organisation works and what is required from the benchmarking process.”

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