Currie & Brown to project manage the new Great Ormond Street Hospital’s cancer centre

Currie & Brown has been appointed as project director and project manager for Europe’s largest children’s cancer centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), which is programmed to start on site in summer 2022.

The work forms part of the Bloomsbury campus redevelopment programme, and the new building has been designed to provide an environment matching the quality of care GOSH offers. As well as providing much-needed additional clinical space and improving access/campus circulation, construction of a new 16,000m2 high-quality building offers a perfect opportunity to present a less institutional façade to visitors, and in doing so better reflect the trust’s identity and values.

Frontage Building, originally constructed in 1954, will be demolished to make way for the new campus, costing upwards of £200 million. During these works the rest of the hospital will continue to function with no diminution in experience levels for patients, visitors or staff.

Project director Tim Fry commented: “Great Ormond Street Hospital is known the world over as a centre of excellence in child healthcare. Some of the team have personal experience of needing its care so we are truly delighted to be able to contribute to its continued success. The new facility, which will seek to maximise patients’ exposure to natural daylight and nature within a homely, non-institutional setting, will provide excellent healthcare in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way, by minimising the amount of resources used in the design, construction and operation of the children’s cancer centre.”

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