Success for Bogotá’s hospital infrastructure programme

Currie & Brown is providing transactional advice on a programme to implement five acute care hospitals across Bogotá, with Bosa Hospital the first to receive proposals for the construction and operation of the facility.

Four private companies have submitted proposals for the design, finance, build, maintenance and operation of Bosa Hospital, which is being structured for development in Bogotá alongside four other hospitals: Usme, Santa Clara, Simón Bolívar and the Maternal and Infant Institute. The new health facilities will function as teaching hospitals and research centres, while providing specialist medical care.

The hospital infrastructure programme is part of the Health Secretariat of Bogotá’s plans to improve the health and wellbeing of over 1.6 million citizens of Bogotá. Bosa Hospital will be the first hospital to be developed under a public-private partnership (PPP) model in Colombia.

In partnership with the Health Secretariat of Bogotá, which will deliver medical services through the Southwest Sub-Network, the private provider will conduct a supporting role, providing non-medical services across the development. The project has been structured as an 18-year PPP project comprising a 3.5-year pre-operating phase and a 14.5-year operation and maintenance (O&M) phase.

In its role as transactional advisor, Currie & Brown acted as advisor to the Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, providing technical advice on the structuring of the programme. This involved a range of services, including preparing, implementing and managing the PPP projects. The Bosa, Usme and Santa Clara hospitals are programmed for delivery within the current administration, while the Simón Bolívar Hospital and the Maternal and Infant Institute have been structured for development in forthcoming administrations.

Miguel Donovan, senior director of our regional offices in Latin America commented: “Currie & Brown has outstanding expertise in structuring and supervising PPP hospital projects in Latin America, so we are pleased to be able to work on such a vital project for the people of Bogotá. The contract has been awarded to Estructura Plural INORI Hospital Bosa, a joint venture between Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos S.A. Colombian Branch Office and INCOT S.A.C. General Contractors.”

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