Currie & Brown responds to green paper on transforming public procurement

Currie & Brown has submitted its response to the government’s invitation for consultation on the green paper on public procurement.

The UK government has recently published its proposals on how to transform public procurement post-Brexit. The green paper is intended to shape the future of public procurement in the UK for years to come.

The government’s goal is to speed up and simplify procurement processes used across the country, while focusing on value for money and unleashing opportunities for small businesses, charities and social enterprises to innovate in public service delivery.

Nasir Khan, director in Currie & Brown’s London office, commented: “While we have reservations about several points in the proposal, we certainly welcome the fact that the principles of public procurement, such as the public good, value for money, transparency, integrity, fair treatment of suppliers and non-discrimination, will be enshrined in law.

“We also welcome the introduction of the Open Contracting Data Standard and the efforts that will be made to improve payment delay issues across the supply chain. Ultimately, we hope that the basis of improvement that this green paper seeks truly transforms public procurement.”

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