National Apprenticeship Week

Ryan joined Currie & Brown in 2021 after completing A Levels and was keen to develop his skills in the construction industry.

We asked Ryan to talk us through his journey to becoming an apprentice at Currie & Brown.

Journey to an apprenticeship

I will finish my apprenticeship in 2026 having already completed 2 years as apprentice cost consultant.

Initially I wanted to study law and I was delighted when I was offered a place at the University of Brighton. However, it soon became apparent to me that being a student wasn’t for me – I like to earn money! So, I dropped out in the first term.

I then spent a few years undertaking different roles, including working with my Dad as a groundworker. Working in the construction industry opened by eyes to all the different trades involved and there were always new and interesting people to meet. This was when I decided that I wanted a career in construction and eventually secured an apprenticeship with Currie & Brown and have not looked back since.

I met Ian Kehl, Haywards Heath director who outlined the journey of apprenticeships with the business. Thankfully, the interview went well, and I received an offer to become part of the Haywards Heath cost consultant team.

I have learnt so many things in the last two years, including the different contract types, various measuring techniques and most importantly – the NRM2!

For anyone thinking about entering into an apprenticeship, I would highly recommend it. It is a great opportunity to gain experience within your role; you can earn while you learn and you are surrounded by excellent people with years of knowledge who are always willing to help you out!

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