National Apprenticeship Week

Ashlynn joined Currie & Brown in 2018 after completing A Levels and was keen to develop her skills in the construction industry.

We asked Ashlynn what advice she would offer to other young people exploring apprenticeship options.

“The construction industry has a vast number of roles available, from on-site construction to project management and cost consultancy. Therefore, you have agility to move around in different areas of the business.

The great thing about an apprenticeship is that it allows you to work alongside completing a qualification whilst earning a salary. The apprenticeship with Currie & Brown last 6 years at which point I will have received a Level 3 Surveying Technician and a BSc Quantity Surveying, without the university debt attached to it. In conjunction with this, I have completed my Associate qualification with the RICS and will achieve my Membership to the RICS through the APC process, post completion of my degree.

Initially the application process can seem daunting, so I would suggest speaking to your careers advisor or doing research on-line to get the insights to inform you decisions. Currie & Brown were super helpful and friendly from the start, which made the whole process less daunting. I initially spoke to Steph Rodd in the HR office who guided me through the process, and I was over the moon when I was accepted on to the scheme.”

Ashlynn’s top tips:

  • Research, research, research!

So many different skill types fit into what is required to work in project or cost management in the construction industry. Know your skills and match them to what’s available. Do plenty of research and talk to other apprentices to get their insights to what it’s like.


  • Choose your qualification level

Once you narrow down potential job roles you are interested in, you must choose what level of qualification you wish to achieve upon completion of the training. Apprenticeships can range from Level 2 to Level 7 qualifications, which you will achieve once completing your apprenticeship pathway.


  • Use appropriate websites

You should make use of sites such as the ‘Government Apprenticeship site’ and other job advertisement sites, such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Your school or college should also be able to advise sites to explore.


  • Contact companies directly

Even when applying on these specified apprenticeship websites, it is worth contacting the company to show your interest in the apprenticeship and role. Employers value forthcoming and enthusiastic applicants who show a drive to develop their skills and education.

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