Bordeaux University campus

Bordeaux University campus

The Department for Education and Research and Bordeaux University are engaged in a partnership agreement to renovate the university’s facilities.

The project is divided into four phases, the first of which concerns the refurbishment and reorganisation of the Science and Technologies sector situated on the Talence Pessac Gradignan (TPG) site, which is nearly 5km from Bordeaux town centre. This first and most important phase of the campus operation includes the renovation of eleven buildings and new construction of five buildings, with a total surface area of 86,000m2.

All the buildings will be HEQ and BBC Renovation-certified. Several of the buildings will benefit from an innovative bioclimatic concept: closed during winter, the façade stores solar heat and reduces energy costs; when opened during summer, it allows natural cooling.

Our role

Currie & Brown was selected to act as lender’s technical advisor. In this role we provided due diligence services and quarterly reports during all the design and construction stages. The scope includes restructuring, extending, designing, constructing and technically operating and maintaining the buildings and the equipment for the first phase of campus operation.

We successfully helped the client manage risk by providing advice and assistance during the construction phase of the project. Each month we monitored the progress of the works and contributed to securing the final handover.

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