Children’s National Health Institute

Children’s National Health Institute

The Children’s National Health Institute is a highly specialised hospital that only serves paediatric patients from birth to seventeen who have been referred from other hospitals in Peru.

The hospital has 253 inpatient beds, 59 dedicated intensive care unit places, and 13 operating theatres. The hospital provides highly specialised comprehensive care in five main areas: cardiovascular, neurological, neonatal/paediatric, bone marrow transplant and burns treatment.

This project is a private-public partnership consolidated through a management contract for ten years; the medical service will continue to be run by the state. The private operator is responsible for providing:

  • Maintenance of the entire infrastructure of the hospital
  • Maintenance of all the equipment already acquired by the state
  • Operation of food services, laundry, cleaning, security, etc.
  • Operation and maintenance of the diagnostic support services

Our role

Currie & Brown is in charge of monitoring the compliance of the private consortium based on the contract and applicable laws. If a breach of obligation is detected, our role is to require the necessary remedies and apply the appropriate deductions.

Based on a revised and established methodology that Currie & Brown developed, we monitor and evaluate that the services provided by the consortium are in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. Our involvement helps reduce overall risk for the client and encourages the private consortium to adhere to the obligations defined in the contract, thereby aligning the incentives between the private consortium and the government body.

Currie & Brown also advises the government body throughout the entire duration of the project in both contract management and strategy.

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