Hong Kong's first zero carbon structure

A project to deliver the first zero-carbon structure in Hong Kong, creating a blueprint for sustainable living in the region.

Using the latest technology to achieve net zero

You might think that zero-carbon buildings are simply not possible in the high-density, hot and humid urban context of Hong Kong. We worked with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong government to prove otherwise. 

The CIC-Zero Carbon Park (CIC-ZCP) shows that low-carbon, highly energy-efficient buildings can be delivered in sub-tropical climates and sets a world class example of sustainability.

The CIC-ZCP showcases the latest green building design and technology. Connecting to the local grid, the CIC-ZCP uses photovoltaic panels and a biodiesel ‘tri-generation system’ to offset the power it consumes. 

The Zero Carbon Building in Kowloon Bay is set in a landscaped park, which includes the first urban native woodland in Hong Kong. The project addresses the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, raising awareness of sustainable living locally while also giving the international construction industry a blueprint of how to develop zero-carbon buildings.

A public space for sustainability 

The CIC-ZCP is open to the public, and houses a visitor education centre, a demonstration home for low-carbon living, a multi-purpose hall and event spaces. 

As well as being a practical workspace and visitor attraction, the CIC-ZCP acts as a teaching tool and a high-profile example of sustainable construction. 

We worked with the CIC’s task force to study the feasibility of the project, and then CIC appointed us cost consultant on the 18-month fast-track delivery. The project has won many accolades for its outstanding achievement in sustainability and innovation, including winning the Grand Award (New Building) in the Green Building Awards.

(Photo credit: wpcpey)

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