DHL South Asia hub

DHL South Asia hub

The project entailed the relocation of DHL’s existing sorting and freight forwarding facility (including office space) in the Changi Airport Cargo Zone into larger premises incorporating greater sorting capacity to handle the increasing throughput of materials.

The new DHL South Asia hub was relocated into a 26,200m2 three-storey building with circa 19,000m2 of full-height single-storey warehouse space and 4,000m2 of space for offices.

Works involved demolition, architectural upgrades plus structural strengthening and modifications throughout the warehouse area including the addition of circa 5,000m2 of new mezzanine floor for the installation of DHL’s material handling system (MHS). Also undertaken was provision of pits in the warehouse floor to accommodate scissor lifts and structural modifications to the existing three-storey office space to allow installation of two new passenger lifts.

Approximately 4,000m2 of office space was developed across two floors including the IT server and LAN rooms.

M&E installation was undertaken throughout the building including M&E works associated with DHL’s MHS and the provision of generator and underground fuel tank facilities to support DHL’s critical operations.

External works included the provision of new security gates and guardhouses plus truck dock facilities.

Our role

Currie & Brown provided project management and quantity surveying services, taking the lead role in the procurement and management of main and interior contractors.

There was extensive co-ordination with other employers' direct contracts such as MHS, ITC, solar power, etc, whose installation works were carried out alongside the main and interior contractors.

DHL South Asia hub

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