Estimating and close-out secondment

Estimating and close-out secondment

Gatwick Airport Limited required strategic input with respect to high-level cost estimate generation for inclusion in their development portfolio business cases and also financial close-out support for specific legacy projects that were targeted for closure.

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Produce initial estimates that accurately reflected the market rate for various project initiatives to allow the capital investment board to make informed decisions
  • Work with the engineering and documentation teams to achieve close-out of targeted legacy projects still pending closure, with specific emphasis on the financial closure of these projects, but working collaboratively with the other related client teams

Our role

Currie & Brown is fully integrated with the client’s team and provided detailed cost estimates and is currently providing support in financial close-out activities.

Our extensive professional knowledge and experience enabled us to work collaboratively with the client to prepare accurate cost estimates for inclusion in business cases so the board could confidently make decisions about which initiatives to support. We brought innovation to the client’s estimating process, generated efficiencies through the further development of estimating tools and refined related quality management processes. Our leadership of the financial close-out of the legacy projects enabled the client to substantially reduce the un-capitalised balance of assets requiring manual capitalisation prior to financial year-end closure. We are currently working to fully capitalise the remaining asset value of the capital investment portfolio, while ensuring that the close-out process captures both financial and documentation elements, through collaborative working with client engineering and documentation close-out resources.

Estimating and close-out secondment

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