Global serialisation

Global serialisation

Pfizer has initiated a multi-year global programme to enable standardised serialisation technology on packaging lines at 20+ manufacturing sites throughout the world, in order to comply with US, EU and local market mandates for product track and trace capabilities.

Serialisation is the process of applying a unique identification code to the retail unit of sale, which can then confirm product authenticity at the point of distribution. Products can be tracked at the unit, case and pallet levels throughout the supply chain. This level of detail allows Pfizer to determine the location of a product and document the chain of ownership as it moves through the supply chain, to better ensure product safety and legitimacy in the market.

Maintaining compliance with global serialisation requirements in important markets such as China, India, Korea, EU, US and others helps avoid delay of product shipments to customers and provides authenticated products and additional supply chain security. This protects Pfizer’s patients and safeguards pharmaceutical product integrity against counterfeiting or reintroduction of stolen goods.

Our role

Currie & Brown provides financial management and oversight for the project, including engineering, business technology, and programme/project management at both the central and site levels. Our responsibilities include cost analysis, forecasting, reconciliation with actuals, creation and maintenance of various metrics, and routine reporting to senior management and other financial stakeholders, as well as day-to-day management of contracts, purchase orders and invoices.

We have implemented structure and processes to ensure that updated, accurate financials are available at all times. We also developed and routinely deliver metrics to various stakeholders in order to maintain a climate of open, transparent communication about the programme’s financial status.

Such a large and extensive project over many years requires great attention to detail and the ability to understand and manage multiple data sets in a continuously-changing strategic landscape. Currie & Brown provides programme leaders with a solid backdrop of the programme’s financial position so that they can be confident in their decision-making processes and responses to new and changing mandate requirements.

Global serialisation

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