Innocell 202102 (002)

Hong Kong’s first high-rise building using modular integrated construction

Imagine completing construction of a unique 17-storey residential building five months ahead of schedule, while picking up multiple awards. We helped Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation make this dream a reality on their innovative InnoCell development.

We provided full quantity surveying services on the construction of this smart living and co-creation space. InnoCell is the first multi-storey building in Hong Kong to use modular integrated construction (MiC) technology. This allowed the development to be completed in 13 months, rather than the 18 months that would have been needed using traditional construction methods.

A new way of living

InnoCell is a smart living and co-creation space for collaboration among tech talents at Hong Kong Science Park. It supports the developer’s vision to develop a co-creation community.

The building provides a minimum of 500 bed spaces. Room types include standard studio, sleep-box, co-living and family unit. Recreational and shared living/working space is integrated with the residential units. There are many other shared facilities, such as leisure rooms for reading/computer and video games, a gym, a laundry, common rooms and a lounge.

The use of shared spaces and smart living technologies helps to build more significant personal interaction and collaboration. This results in a network of likeminded talents who inspire one another and have a positive impact.

Adding value to enable innovation

We supported the developers on this groundbreaking project by providing the cost comparison of MiC against traditional construction. We gave contractual advice on the adoption of MiC technology, provided tender documentation, and conducted the post-contract supervision and delivered final accounts.

Using MiC shortened the construction period by five months. Using this technology improves the fit-out quality, reduces reworking and wastage, and resolves construction problems in advance. This also improves design coordination and work planning, which optimises construction safety, time, and cost.

During the client’s decision-making process, we provided timing and cost comparisons, and contractual advice, to help in the adoption of this new construction technique.

An award-winning development

The InnoCell development achieved a BEAM Plus Platinum rating to support its sustainable credentials. The project has also picked up numerous awards, the most recent being the Quality Building Awards – Quality Excellence Award and the Quality Building Awards – Grand Award (Hong Kong Residential – Single Building).

Michael Yu, director in our Hong Kong office, said: “InnoCell is a truly exemplary project showcasing a paradigm shift toward construction methods. We are very honoured to add value to this ground-breaking project, which is the first completed high-rise building in Hong Kong to adopt the Modular Integrated Construction technique.”

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