Image factory

Image factory

The former Wallers-Arenberg coal mining site is transforming into an image factory focused on filmmaking activities, a multimedia business incubator, and the DREAM laboratory of Valenciennes University.

The image factory project is divided into a guaranteed phase and several conditional phases, and has a total surface area of 15,800m2 (6,500m2 of which represent the guaranteed phase). The project includes refurbishment and restructuring as well as new construction. The former mining site covers nearly 34ha and comprises 15 built facilities, including several buildings housing technical equipment related to the mining activity. The project also comprises the financing of the equipment necessary for the research activities that will be implemented on the site.

Our role

Currie & Brown was selected to act as the independent technical advisor for the project. In this role we provided due diligence services and technical reviews at the final offer and closing stages. We also provided monitoring services and technical reviews at the construction and operation stages.

We worked closely with the consortium and the lenders during the tendering phase to optimise the offer and develop the risk management strategy.

Image factory

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