Independent brewery

Independent brewery

This project is a multi-tenant facility combined with a public hall and food market.

The first floor is approximately 23ft high with loading docks and freight elevators. The facility has a brew house located adjacent to the public hall where visitors can take a tour of the brewery up to the mezzanine level. The remainder of the first floor houses the brewing space. The exterior positions on the dock will house a CO2 generator, grain silos and chillers.

The development has a gross internal floor area of 66,627ft2 and comprises a ground floor for the production facility; a mezzanine level for tours and control room space; a 2nd floor with expansive storage space; and a 9th floor for offices. On the 16th floor is a beer garden, with external roof terrace, retail centre, kitchen and a mezzanine-level demo kitchen.

The external areas include a roof terrace consisting of 9,040ft2 of decked area for the public to enjoy the surrounding views and a ground floor exterior area of 1,680ft2 with concrete pads for equipment.

Our role

Working with Davis Brody Bond, Currie & Brown provided cost estimating services.

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