Jubilee Building

Jubilee Building

The Jubilee Building is a major addition to the University of Sussex in the heart of the campus, benefiting both staff and students.

It includes a 500-seat lecture theatre (the largest on campus), both general and specialist teaching spaces, academic and support space, and social and café facilities available for use by all parts of the university. This landmark new building also houses staff from the School of Business, Management and Economics. The development also included a major new outdoor plaza in front of the Jubilee Building.

Our role

Currie & Brown provided project management and risk management services for the project.

We played a significant role in building relationships between key stakeholders on the project. The main contract was won with a very tight margin and Currie & Brown worked diligently to instil a collaborative working environment, build teamwork and share problems encountered on the project.

We also helped minimise delays to the contract start when protected birds were discovered nesting on the building that was slated for demolition. Although the commencement of demolition had to be postponed, we were able to quickly and carefully manage the situation and get the project back on track.

Another key challenge was the removal of approximately 40,000m³ of chalk to allow the building to sit into the site of the chalk downland on campus. The removal of such a large amount of spoil necessitated careful traffic management through the campus with daily monitoring.

The project was completed on budget and was very well received by the university’s senior management.

Jubilee Building

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