JW Marriott hotel

JW Marriott hotel

The JW Marriott in Mumbai is a five-star hotel with 585 luxury rooms, six meeting rooms, two ballrooms, swimming pools, a jogging trail, sauna, steam spa and shopping area.

The front entrance boasts a cantilevered, semi-circular canopy approximately 15 metres long with aluminium formwork shuttering on the façade.

Our role

Currie & Brown was appointed to provide cost management, dispute resolution and technical due diligence services for the project. During the pre-construction stage we prepared the final cost plan and the bill of quantities, selected contractors and advised the client on the financial status of the project. During the construction stage we provided cost control, prepared cost reports, managed cashflow, validated quantities, checked running account bills and certified extra work.

To minimise extra costs, we implemented a disciplined process for managing changes in the project. Our requirements ensured that the concerned contractors were briefed on the process before starting any work. In the event that the designated contractors could not complete the work in time, we compiled a list of suggested contractors for urgent needs. Additionally, we implemented strict financial control and certified the measurements.

We also played a major role in improving the communication between various stakeholders. We applied effective processes to ensure a smooth flow of information so all parties were aware of their responsibilities and associated deadlines throughout the entire process.

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