A visionary healthcare project in Jordan

Chronic diseases like asthma, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases are a growing burden in Jordan, and the healthcare system has become increasingly overburdened from a growing population. This has significantly increased the strain on all services and infrastructure.

To address future healthcare challenges and reduce the need for acute hospital care, we’re working with our partners in the Sidara collaborative, Dar and Perkins&Will to provide design, engineering and construction supervision services for a new health campus. Once built, it is expected to redefine the way that healthcare is delivered in Jordan and its surrounding region.

Delivering a new, flexible model for care and education

The vision is to create an innovative medical community that does things differently. The Kingdom Health Campus will proudly integrate clinical, education and research within one shared campus.

This integrated approach will enable the implementation of new models for care and hopefully attract skilled clinicians, scientists and students from the region and around the world.

To design a campus that embodies this vision, the team collaborated closely to develop purpose-built structures that interconnect meaningfully and are strategically arranged around a welcoming and engaging plaza, creating space for a dynamic community.

The hospital itself will have 330 beds with 72 outpatient clinics, as well as a dedicated children’s hospital.

There are plans for five medical centers of excellence, focused on providing essential expertise in cardiovascular diseases, hematology and oncology, neurosciences, gastroenterology, as well as orthopedics and movement.

Meanwhile, four scientific research centers in the fields of genomics and precision medicine, stem cells and advanced cellular therapy, bioinformatics, and public health and health systems will also drive advanced scientific research.

A focus on tertiary care with mental health facilities, cancer care, care of the elderly and women and children’s services is at the heart of the clinical model that prioritises a patient-centred system to meet the changing needs of a rapidly changing society.

The Kingdom Health project is a $400 million investment by the Saudi Jordanian Investment Company (SJIC), a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF).

An investment to educate and inspire a future generation

The Kingdom Health campus will nurture the next generation of outstanding medical and clinical care leaders and professionals, with a total capacity for 600 students, and an annual intake of around 100 students.

The masterplan also anticipates the future care needs of a growing and evolving population. It envisions a potential 50% expansion of the hospital and 400% for the university, ensuring that the region’s future healthcare needs can be accommodated, and providing limitless possibilities for the future.

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