Northern ring road of Lyon

Northern ring road of Lyon

The Boulevard Périphérique Nord de Lyon (BPNL) is a 10km urban parkway toll consisting of several tunnels and a viaduct which are part of the northern ring road of the city of Lyon.

Urban Community of Lyon, in co-operation with the Rhône Department, wanted to examine the potential value of using a partnership agreement incorporating both the security improvements of the Boulevard Périphérique Nord de Lyon and the operation and maintenance services. The purpose of this partnership agreement is to entrust the chosen entity (Fayat Group) with the design, renovation and financing of the tunnel’s ring road as well as the operation and maintenance of the asset and its associated installations.

Our role

Currie & Brown supported the consortium and the lenders during the tendering phase with the aim of optimising the offer and the associated risk management strategy. Our involvement has been instrumental in helping the client manage risk by providing due diligence during the design and build phase of the project.

We currently act as the lender’s technical advisor, monitoring the progress and cost of the work that will be performed on this infrastructure asset.

Northern ring road of Lyon

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