Office space at Pardhanani Wilshire

Office space at Pardhanani Wilshire

In the largest office leasing deal in India, e-commerce company Flipkart agreed to take 3 million ft2 of prime office space in Bangalore. The space will be leased in phases, with the first stage including an interior fit-out of a 236,000ft2 facility.

The work is being completed by the landlord and will be reimbursed by the client as part of the monthly rental cost.

Our role

Currie & Brown was appointed to provide quantity surveying for this project; to audit the funds being spent by the landlord on the interior fit-out; and to submit a detailed report to authenticate the same.

In this role, tasks included:

  • Reviewing the bills of quantities for all trade packages with respect to the final drawings produced by the design consultants
  • Providing budgetary cost estimates for all the trade packages based on the finalised bills of quantities
  • Reviewing vendor orders placed by the developer and identifying abnormal variations in the accepted unit rates for items of work
  • Checking the measurements submitted by the vendors for the work done as per the drawings and approved change orders and site instructions
  • Reviewing the certification of bills provided by the developer and certifying the cost incurred by the developer for the individual trade packages
  • Tracking change orders arising from requests from the client and providing estimates of cost impact due to the change request
  • Tracking the sums spent against the budget on a line-item basis and sharing the cost reports on a bi-weekly basis
  • Reviewing vendor adherence to commercial aspects of contract conditions and advising the client of any deviations

Our active involvement in the quantity surveying process allowed the client to analyse budgeted versus actual costs, the cost impact of anticipated change orders, the estimated cost at completion and available budget and cost over-runs.



Office space at Pardhanani Wilshire

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