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Partick Bus Station

Partick Bus Station forms part of a vital multimodal transportation hub in the west of Glasgow which integrates bus, rail and subway with national cycle and local footpath networks. It is one of Glasgow’s busiest interchanges serving one of Scotland’s most densely populated districts and connecting to the Riverside Museum, Glasgow Harbour, University of Glasgow, Kelvingrove and bus routes to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The major upgrade works to the transportation hub have included increasing the number of bus stances to meet the growing number of passengers and improving lighting, CCTV, seating and real-time passenger information.

Our role

Our role on behalf of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport was to provide cost consultancy services on this redevelopment. There were many uncharted services that required to be relocated, providing a substantial challenge. We exceeded the NEC option A contractual requirement for controls by holding meetings with the contractor over and above those required. There were also several issues with the roads authority that prolonged the contract durations. We collaborated closely with the project manager and the contractor to reduce the programme risk and identified areas of float that could be released.

We added value to the project by providing a detailed pricing schedule and writing provision into the prelims that allowed this to be used, where sensible, for the assessment of compensation event costs. This process was embraced by both the employer and the contractor and allowed for NEC controls, with variations being priced on a competitively tendered basis.


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