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Project management services for healthcare facilities

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust requires assistance in the management of a variety of projects across their portfolio of healthcare facilities in South London, including both community facilities and secure hospital environments with strict security.

Individual projects across the client’s facilities include:

  • Multiple relocations of both clinical and administrative departments including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, welfare department, pharmacy and RIOTT (randomised injectable opioid treatment trials)
  • Refurbishment of various hospital wards and facilities
  • Replacement of roof coverings on several buildings
  • Conversion/reconfiguration of various wards and spaces
  • Section 136 places of safety provision

Additional general projects include replacing boilers, upgrading heating systems, replacing windows, installing emergency lighting, ensuring fire safety compliance, landscaping and others.

Our role

Currie & Brown is appointed to provide project management services on a wide range of programmed projects. To do this we provide project managers based in the Planning and Capital Projects Department of Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Our involvement is instrumental in enabling the timely delivery of projects over all sites. Our services enable the client to undertake their primary duties while we take over the specific project management role. We are also helping to identify new options for project delivery that the client had not previously considered. Being co-located on the client’s premises, our staff are able to act as an in-house team and are fully integrated with ongoing operations.

Our project managers are required to consult fully with the wider steering groups allocated to each particular project to ensure the incorporation of all necessary fire safety, compliance, infection control and back-log maintenance issues.

The trust also uses the knowledge and experience of our in-house managers in the development of new standardised documents and processes for optimum project delivery under the NEC form of contract used by the trust.


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