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School of Business expansion and renovation

The project comprised the renovation and expansion of the existing structure and incorporated the space that was previously occupied by the Graduate School of Education at Portland State’s campus located in downtown Portland, Oregon.

The project will increase the square footage by over 172% by adding 37,920ft2 of new construction. This includes a new pavilion to the north of the Graduate School. The final building size will be 142,874ft2.

The new building will transform the School of Business by offering:

  • Centralised business school activities and classes
  • Twenty-one classrooms
  • Ten project and team rooms meeting the students’ technological needs
  • Four industry-specific centres to support the interests of the future business leaders
  • An atrium with study spaces, bridges and stairs
  • Welcoming and functional common spaces
  • High-quality offices for award-winning faculty and staff
  • A LEED Platinum facility that will continue to attract and serve top talent from around the world

Our role

Currie & Brown was selected to provide cost estimating services for the project.

By comparing our estimates to the contractor's estimates, at all stages of design, we were able to demonstrate to the client that the estimated costs were accurate within 5%. This alerted the client to the fact that the design was far above budget. We then collaborated with the design and construction team to reduce costs by proposing changes in design elements and constructability.

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