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Solingen Heimspiel

On the site of the former Solingen football stadium, a modern residential area is being created with detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and blocks of flats.

In the centre of the town with instant access to the forest and countryside, the new residential area in the Solingen-Ohligs district will comprise two detached houses, 32 semi-detachedhouses, 28 terraced houses and six blocks of flats. The plot sizes range from 150m² to 440m².

As head of the construction site, Currie & Brown is leading on the co-ordination and monitoring of all construction-related processes, ensuring that deadlines are co-ordinated with the responsible parties from all trades and compliance is closely monitored. We also ensure that quality-relevant specifications are adhered to accordingly. As the first point of contact for the buyers, Currie & Brown ensures that special requests are precisely taken into account.

In this construction project, we have not only taken on a classic construction management role, but we also act as the link between the client and the end user, guaranteeing optimum results in the acceptance and handover phase.

The name of the area will be a reminder of the football stadium that stood there until 2018; the basic layout of the buildings also follows that of the former stadium. The construction project is split into six phases, with final completion due at the end of 2022.

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