Vaccine manufacturing facility

Vaccine manufacturing facility

Currie & Brown has supported this pharmaceutical and life sciences client, most recently as part of a three-site investment programme, and previously in a government-funded refurbishment project. Both facilities are vaccine manufacturing buildings which greatly expand the client’s global footprint in that particular sector.

Our role

We provided bid analysis for the major packages and assisted in the selection process. We had direct responsibility for the field progress measurement for the refurbishment project, reporting in accordance with owner’s guidelines and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and verification of the construction management reported progress. For both projects, we provided assessment of costs for any changes and reporting. We chaired the weekly change management meeting for process changes, construction management and site changes and provided overall responsibility for tracking each change and notifying the various parties if there were actions relating to their field raised by another party.

We provided contract due diligence with the management/administration, reviewed change orders and monthly billings submitted by the construction manager, as well as interim monthly audits regarding process and documentation supporting billing and change claims. We also assisted in the monthly forecasting process and the processing of purchase orders.

We also assisted the client with their records leading up to two separate internal audits of their processes and procedures, and took part in the audit process as required.

Vaccine manufacturing facility

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