Yas Island

Yas Island

Yas Island is a world-class leisure destination and one of the largest natural islands in Abu Dhabi with a total land area of 2,500ha and approximately 32km of beachfront shoreline. Construction of the development commenced in two phases and covered approximately 1,700ha of the island.

New infrastructure was developed around the island, including a ten-lane highway that connects the island to the new Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway and the city of Abu Dhabi at Mina Port. With retail areas occupying over 300,000m2, shopping is one of the key features. Other features include golden beaches, marinas, entertainment, signature hotels, residential and leisure facilities including golf and motor racing. Yas Island also includes a Ferrari-themed park, Formula One racetrack, museum and theatre.

Our role

Currie & Brown was commissioned to provide contract management, cost management and contract administration services for the entire Yas Island development. Our scope included contract selection, preparation, procurement and administration. This included management of over 350 contracts.

This was an accelerated project with a fixed completion date. Our team played an integral part in ensuring that the Formula One track was open for the first Grand Prix ever held in Abu Dhabi. We supplemented client teams with core commercial and contract experts who had skills such as forming unambiguous contracts, timely procurement, managed claims services, reasonable quantum evaluation, intricate forensic delay analysis, strict budget control and accurate cost advice.

Through three separate appointments we were able to integrate with all other disciplines and consultants in forming separate project delivery teams. These teams ignored the traditional boundaries between disciplines and contributed greatly to the timely completion of the project. The client requested that we initiate and document robust contract and cost control procedures, which eventually became standard on all future projects.

Yas Island

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