In addition to our specific services in healthcare, education, defence and transportation, we also apply a whole-life approach to physical assets to support national and local governments and balance the paradigm of finding reductions in expenditure while improving services.

Public and private sector specialisms

Currie & Brown combines best practice from the private sector with a comprehensive understanding of the public sector’s needs and challenges. With our knowledge and experience of each culture, and our understanding of the necessary governance, approvals and gateways, we advise governments around the world on ways to realise initiatives and deliver a wide range of projects.

Global experience combined with local knowledge

We have provided solutions for public sector organisations globally. Examples of our experience include:

  • Advising the Mexican government on its hospital programme
  • Supporting ministries of justice in the UK and France
  • Advising a Far East government on the development of its housing programme
  • Joint working with government departments in the Middle East to support economic development and programmes
  • Supporting multilateral lending organisations in the assessment of developing government markets
  • Providing physical asset management input to local government property rationalisation in the UK
  • Providing strategic advice for future road and transport policy for the World Road Association-PIARC and several road transport authorities


For further information please contact:

David Keith

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Looking after your data

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