Transportation and logistics

Transportation and logistics

Currie & Brown has extensive experience of supporting transport and logistics clients around the world with a comprehensive range of cost, programme and project management consultancy and advisory services. Working closely with our clients we help achieve best value and commercially attractive outcomes.

Globally active

Transportation infrastructure involves high-value national investment and a commitment to long-term operations and maintenance. Currie & Brown is actively involved with some of the largest projects in the world.

We have worked for some of the world's largest and most prestigious airports, supporting the successful delivery not only of new-build terminals but also of enhancements and extensions to terminal facilities such as new piers, arrivals and departure halls, retail areas, central search areas and check-ins.

In the Middle East a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-wide co-ordinated railway network is being procured by the individual countries and construction is underway.

In Qatar, the most ambitious expressways programme in the world for two decades is gaining momentum.

In the UK, by contrast, the challenge is cost-effective operation and maintenance of ageing infrastructure, and maximising transport capacity.

Port infrastructure is procured by governments and private operators as part of increasingly complex logistics businesses.

Supporting different models

Capital procurement for large-scale transportation and logistics projects may be through conventional design and construction, sometimes managed on the client’s behalf by a programme management consultant (PMC). The UK and US public-private partnership (PPP/P3) models, covering all stages of the asset lifecycle, are now also being adopted in the Middle East and South America.

Currie & Brown actively participates to support clients in all such undertakings.


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