Currie & Brown has adopted building information modelling (BIM) as a key tool for the integrated delivery of information at all stages of each project’s development.

We establish the controls for the virtual delivery of your project’s design and cost in accordance with any government-mandated requirements.

Our approach is to expedite the pre-contract design/cost/approval cycle and to extract the maximum value from the supply chain for the project delivery and operations.

BIM strategy

  • Mandated by governments for certain projects
  • Currie & Brown’s BIM compliance plan for all consultants and contractors aims to extract maximum value from BIM
  • Professional standards of measurement determined by the RICS, including the New Rules of Measurement (NRM), the Standard Form of Cost Analysis and the Code of Measuring Practice
  • Vision is to fully collaborate and integrate our full service offering in an integrated project delivery model
  • Shifts pre-contract design and cost curve forward
  • Open sourced to innovations such as connectivity to mobile technology ‘internet of things’

Smart future


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