Building surveying

Building surveying

Our building surveying teams offer a comprehensive range of services to clients in sectors as diverse as retail, local and central government, commercial property, education, housing and healthcare.

Change management

We know that buildings need to adapt throughout their lifecycle to reflect the evolving requirements of the commercial world. We are also aware that these assets need to be actively managed to maintain and enhance their value and use.

At Currie & Brown we have established a thorough understanding of our clients’ business drivers and can provide accurate appraisals and efficient management of change across a wide variety of building and property needs.

A core service

Building surveying is one of the core services offered by our multidisciplinary professional teams. We can advise landlords, tenants, owner/occupiers and investors on the many and varied aspects of property ownership and occupation including:

  • Building maintenance
  • Defects
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Refurbishments and adaptations
  • Building regulations
  • Historic buildings


For more information about our building surveying services please contact:

Looking after your data

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