Environmentally sustainable design

Environmentally sustainable design

To help enhance and protect our clients’ investments we promote sustainable development by working to optimise whole-life costs and minimise environmental impacts throughout project design, construction and operation.

Integrated services

At Currie & Brown we are acutely aware of our responsibility to promote and practise sustainable development. We offer environmental assessment and innovation management as an integral part of our project services. In many cases, we can integrate sustainability with project value management, value engineering and whole-life costs.

Sustainability assessments

Our project teams are proactive in assessing specified designs, building services, and construction methods and techniques,  against opportunities for environmental innovation and best practice.

Our experience is that assessment often produces the most meaningful results when measured against markers such as:

  • Options for reducing energy consumption
  • Sustainable energy sources
  • Efficient land use, building orientation and design
  • Materials sourcing and management of site resource use and other impacts
  • Selection of materials/components with lifecycle benefits such as reduced maintenance costs
  • Ecological conservation and site enhancement measures
  • Measures to reduce CO2 emissions from plant, equipment and site accommodation

We have developed tools and datasets that enable us to work collaboratively with design and engineering partners in testing and improving designs at their earliest stages, which enables us to simultaneously improve performance and reduce costs.


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