Facilities management

Facilities management

At Currie & Brown we use our expertise and knowledge to deliver practical solutions that add real value. Working alongside our clients’ designers, engineers, architects and/or contractors, we adopt the role of agent to manage achievement of the operational objectives. Our independence ensures a service wholly focused on our clients’ priorities.

Global reach

The Currie & Brown facilities management teams operate internationally, offering awareness and appreciation of local matters in support of our central resources.

Our teams have broad experience in all aspects of facilities management including managing in-house estates, facilities services at director level, major consultancy projects, strategic change programmes and project management of construction and refurbishment schemes.

Protecting value

Developers, finance directors, CEOs and directors of property and estates nowadays demand higher-than-ever performance on estates-related matters. The overall concern within most organisations is whether their portfolio is providing value for money, in terms of both the services they provide and the running costs.

Increasingly, facilities management professionals are being involved at the beginning of a project to help design-in the best facilities management solution for protecting the financial investment while also ensuring that project objectives are met.

Our facilities management teams have the technical and practical experience to investigate and analyse such issues and address them individually and collectively.

Comprehensive services

Our core facilities management services include:

  • Strategic reviews of facilities management strategies and, where relevant, recommendation of new strategies
  • Best-value reviews of existing facilities management services and recommendations, if appropriate, of possible improvements
  • Design optimisation, including operational finances, of a property’s long-term operational requirements. We specialise in bespoke lifecycle cost modelling
  • Managing agent services, including the development of:
    • Procurement strategies
    • Production of specifications
    • Service level agreements
    • Key performance indicators
    • Service contract tendering
    • Identification of management teams and contractors
  • Procurement reviews, including individual and collective contracts, specifications and tender assessments
  • Benchmarking of services and structures against industry best practice
  • Production of policy and procedures manuals and service level agreements
  • Testing competency of staff
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery planning
  • Interim management of estates/facilities and assistance in the recruitment of a full-time director
  • Staff recruitment via normal channels or personalised head hunting
  • Monitoring and training programmes for all levels of staff
  • Researching facilities management software and assisting in its procurement, installation, training and roll-out


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