Facilities management

We offer strategic facilities management advice to help clients optimise costs and service. With a highly experienced team of professionals, we add real value to each client and project.

No matter what stage your project is at, whether you are at the design stage, steady state operations, or even refurbishment/repurposing, our advice is invaluable.

Our facilities management team is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, offering expertise and services across the GCC.

Why choose Currie & Brown?

As a world-leading provider of cost management, project management and advisory services, clients can rely on us to offer more than just facilities management advice. We look to add value to make building a better future possible, and we put sustainability at the heart of our work.

We have facilities management advisory experience across a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, education, transport and leisure.

Whatever the nature of the project, our team leaders bring a level of experience that ensures delivery is tailored to the specifics of the industry and location. Working across the public and private sectors, our blend of inter-disciplinary expertise and marketplace specialisms adds value through every stage from concept to completion.

We focus on investigating opportunities and options, and finding consensus. Working with client teams and other consultants is a critical part of our offering. We generate solutions with actionable targets while identifying, considering and resolving underlying issues. We work with clients and designers from project inception through construction, completion, operation and maintenance throughout the asset's life.

We are:

  • Bringing a fresh and nimble approach while delivering at strategic and project levels
  • Able to call on experts from other disciplines across Currie & Brown, and from the other companies within the Sidara collaborative.
  • Committed to providing the highest quality service to add value
  • Able to offer a full spectrum service from design through to operations

“Miral has found the Currie & Brown team to be proactive, accessible and enthusiastic in their approach to delivering their services. Their professionalism and ability to collaborate, coupled with their staff’s technical competence have made them a key and highly valued member of our respective projects’ teams.”

B.R. Kiran, Chief Portfolio Officer, Miral Asset Management

Facilities management consultancy – expertise at every stage of the life cycle

From design or pre-acquisition through to refurbishment or repurposing, our team can add value at each stage of the lifecycle of a building or portfolio. We help clients in a wide range of ways, including:

  • Condition and dilapidation surveys
  • Cost modelling (OPEX budgets, service charge modelling, whole life cost models)
  • FM design review
  • Energy audits
  • Facilities management master planning
  • FM operational delivery strategy
  • FM procurement services

Transition management – get value from day one

Successful transition and operation readiness is critical. We help clients get everything in place to hit the ground running with a new facility, covering everything from snagging to training to asset tagging. We create bespoke plans for each client, but our transition management service typically covers:

  • Witnessing (not undertaking) Testing & Commissioning activities
  • Active involvement in snagging and punch out inspections and supervision of the works
  • Review of O&M and ‘As Built’ drawings for relevance and accuracy
  • Asset data gathering/Asset tagging, upload of asset data into CAFM systems
  • Management of specialist equipment training – developing training requirements, convening training sessions and managing stakeholders
  • Development and population of Technical Library 
  • Collation of long warranty information and statutory test certification.

Managing agent – supporting you where you need it most

When clients need our managing agent services, we work together to create a bespoke package. Where clients have a small in-house team, we can be the eyes and ears on the ground to help you stay on top of risk and alert to opportunity. 

Depending on your specific needs, we can manage:

  • Support services
  • Commercial services
  • QHSE/Performance
  • Soft services
  • Security
  • Hard services
  • Asset management

Contact us to find out more about our facilities management advisory services

Michael Moore leads our facilities management advisory team from our office in Riyadh.

We have a strong track record of procurement and strategic management of service organisations for clients for the efficient running and maintenance of a building throughout its working life. By recruiting a team with experience of working in the Middle East, we understand the unique culture and the challenges face in facilities management in the region.


For more information about our facilities management services please contact:

[email protected]

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