Risk management

Risk management

In line with current industry best practice ISO 31000, the Currie & Brown risk management service helps embed a risk management and reporting culture into day-to-day project management. Our consultants can implement a range of actions designed to enhance the delivery of a project’s cost and schedule elements.

Raising risk awareness

We use tried and tested methods to identify and understand the objectives of the key stakeholders in a risk management solution. From that basis we will then apply communication techniques, including risk awareness seminars, to raise the risk awareness of the client project team.

These activities make implementation of the risk management process easier and are generally essential to successful implementation of the risk management policy and its procedures as a whole.

Detailed analysis

Having produced a tailor-made risk register incorporating all identified risks, we then take a qualitative view of the impact of each risk in order to advance the risk process to the quantitative analysis stage. This information, together with opportunity identification and analysis, forms the basis of project-specific risk management procedures.

Methods employed include quantitative cost risk analysis (QCRA) and quantitative schedule risk analysis (QSRA) to enable the stakeholders to make informed decisions on budgets and schedules that reduce the project’s risk profile.


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